Virginia Capitol Connections Winter 2022

Virginia Capitol Connections, Winter 2022 9 KIM TAYLOR I’m a mom and a small business owner, not a professional politician. As a small business owner, I have operated two successful businesses for seventeen years. I’m proud that we support 18 Virginia families. I understand what it takes to build and support the economy by job creation and bringing needed services to a locality. I know what it means to sign both the front and back of a paycheck and the struggle of small businesses that are the backbone of the Virginia economy. In my business, I’m accountable to customers and employees and daily tackling problems to create successes for both. I will be accountable and accessible to constituents in the 63rd when I’m elected as their next representative. I’ma proudmomof a public school student, who will soon graduate from a Virginia public university. Whether it’s academic performance or a state-mandated curriculum, I understand the concerns of parents who have trusted their students to a failed public school system. From K-12 and higher education, I have navigated the public school system and successfully raised a child who will soon start her post-graduate career.We need accessible representation who understands the realities of life in Virginia, who will truly represent the values of the constituents of the 63rd. The great folks in the 63rd want a representative who cares about them and who will vote in their best interests. They don’t want someone who votes according to their own agenda and partisan politics that produces empty policy and legislation with no real results. OTTO WACHSMANN Otto Wachsmann was raised and continues to live in Sussex County while proudly representing those in the 75th District. He gained his pharmacy license upon graduating from the Medical College of Virginia-VCU School of Pharmacy in 1986 and later received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Shenandoah University in 2001. He has practiced in community pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry and academia. In 2003 he purchased Stony Creek Pharmacy from his father, which he owned until 2019. He presently lives on the family farm and works periodically as a relief pharmacist for a local community pharmacy. Otto and Judy, his wife of 29 years, have two daughters and one grandson. Otto is interested in increasing opportunities in rural Virginia to include, but not limited to, better access to quality healthcare, education, jobs and recreational activities for our youth. WREN WILLIAMS Wren Williams ran for office because he was tired of seeing communities in Southwest Virginia be forgotten by Richmond and Northern Virginia. His top priorities in Richmond include banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory from Virginia’s public K-12 schools, securing Virginia’s elections by passing voter-ID and other common-sense reforms, and standing up for his community’s conservative values on 2ndAmendment and Prolife issues. Williams is also concerned about improving the qualityof-life for the residents in his district—through bringing in more jobs and economic development, improving healthcare options (Wren’s home county of Patrick currently has no hospital or emergency room), and expanding broadband and cell coverage for residents. Prior to running for the House of Delegates,WrenWilliams served as chair for the Patrick County Republican Committee. He revived it from being defunct to having over 100 members and becoming one of the most active Republican Committees in the Commonwealth, earning the Republican Party of Virginia’s “Unit of the Year” award. Williams fundraised and spearheaded the effort to flip Patrick’s board of supervisors and school board to Republican control during the 2019 election. And in 2020, he traveled to Wisconsin to help the Republican National Committee (RNC) and President Trump fight for election integrity in the courtroom. Outside of politics, Wren Williams lives in Stuart, VA, with his wife, Britt, where they own and operate Schneider &Williams Law Firm.V ANNE FERRELL TATA Delegate Elect Anne Ferrell Tata and her husband, former Naval officer Bob Tata, raised their four children in Virginia Beach. She understands the importance of plentiful job opportunities and pro-business policies that make the region’s economic engine thrive. Anne Ferrell believes in putting people ahead of politics and is committed to leadership that listens to the voter and taxpayer. As the daughter of an Army Chaplain and a school teacher, Anne Ferrell knows the importance of high academic standards in our schools and is passionate about promoting the safe quality of life in Virginia Beach by supporting law enforcement in their efforts to keep us all safe. forward to defending the progress that’s been made in Richmond and plans to champion working families like hers so that everyone can have a seat at the table. Her priorities include public education, caring for the most vulnerable in our communities, and ensuring that we are building a truly inclusive democracy that remains accessible to all Virginians.