Virginia Capitol Connections Winter 2022

Virginia Capitol Connections, Winter 2022 8 PHILLIP SCOTT First and foremost, I am a Christian, a husband, a father, and a business owner. I am not just any dad; I am a dad to all girls, and this is an extra special blessing. I love spending time with them. I am a devoted husband to my beautiful wife, Elisabeth. She is my support and reason. Elisabeth gives me the encouragement I need to keep pushing forward and wisdom when facing challenging decisions. I am a Virginian at heart, our great commonwealth will always be my home. I ran for delegate because our government has gotten away from the fundamentals and has had misguided priorities in recent years. We have a constitutionally mandated responsibility to provide a highquality public education to our children here in Virginia. In the past year, many localities fell down on the job and didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. All Virginians deserve access to high-quality healthcare, this issue is personal for me. My daughter, Brianna, faces severe health challenges and requires significant medical attention. I know how important it is to provide access to these critical services. At the same time that I am fighting to restore the government’s end of the bargain on these necessities, I will stand as a brick wall against tax increases, working to keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your own pocket. BRIANA SEWELL As the Chief of Staff to the Chair AtLarge of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, Briana has worked closely with all levels of government to facilitate an equitable vaccine distribution process across the 51st district. She will work to secure funding at the state level to establish a Prince William Health Department to better protect and inform residents and will strive to build back better after COVID-19. Briana understands that reducing unemployment, supporting our small businesses, increasing access to healthcare, and making reliable internet more accessible for everyVirginian are the keys to rebuilding our economy and community after the pandemic. IRENE SHIN Delegate-elect Irene Shin represents the 86th District, which covers Herndon, Chantilly, Reston, and Sterling. Irene has been a longtime activist and advocate for policies that build a more representative and inclusive democracy. She is the daughter of Korean immigrants, and grew up in Burbank, California. She went to the University of California, Riverside as a Chancellor’s Scholar and paid her way through college by waiting tables. Irene has the great privilege of serving as the executive director of a nonprofit dedicated to increasing civic engagement and voting accessibility, particularly amongst BIPOC communities, in Virginia. Irene is most excited to be bringing back thoughtful, community-centered representation for the 86th District. She looks MARIE MARCH In addition to helping Governor-elect Youngkin get CRT out of our schools and breaking down other socialist, big government programs designed to control and manipulate rather than empower, I have my own list of agenda items: • Passing school choice legislation. Parents should have a significant say in what their children are taught and where they go to school, and tax dollars should follow the student. • Passing a Constitutional Carry law and repealing red flag laws. The 2nd Amendment gives all law abiding citizens the clear right to bear arms, and it is unconstitutional to allow a government official to confiscate guns without due process. • Defund Planned Parenthood and pass pro-life legislation. • Election integrity. • Limiting bureaucracy improves oversight on government functions. fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government. Tax money should stay in the communities, not go to special projects benefiting a few select friends of career politicians. • Protecting individuals and businesses from politically driven emergency orders mandating mask mandates, forced inoculations, and discriminatory practices. • Passing “Right to Try” legislation giving individuals more control of their medical treatment options. • Increased funding for law enforcement, and providing lifetime hunting and fishing licenses to volunteer firefighters, emergency responders, law enforcement, and veterans. • Repealing minimum wage laws in favor of free enterprise determining appropriate wage rates. • Mandatory drug testing for recipients of entitlements funded with tax dollars, and creating a task force to investigate and eliminate fraud in such programs. • Ensuring landlords are never put in a position where tenants don’t have to pay rent but the landlord still has to pay the mortgage. • Locally, I will help our District with funding for roads and infrastructure and investments to help guarantee local produce and meat to market. I, like the majority of voters, believe in free enterprise over socialist programs that seek to control. Fiscal responsibility and accountability for the government. Expecting the government to respect Constitutional limitations and freedoms. Pray for peace, but understand that peace is best preserved through a strong national defense. And, of course, faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers, is essential to the moral fiber of this great country. I look forward to carrying these efforts forward in January as your representative. from page 7