Virginia Capitol Connections Winter 2023

Virginia Capitol Connections, Winter 2023 3 Winter 2023 Volume 29 Number 1 • Editor-in-Chief –Bonnie Atwood • Managing Editor –McClain Moran • Assistant Editor–Cierra Park • Publisher –David Bailey • Art Director –John Sours School Distribution – • Advertising – • Printer –Wordsprint • Virginia Capitol Connections Magazine (ISSN 1076-4577) is published by: Virginia Capitol Connections • 1108 East Main Street • Suite 1200 • Richmond, Virginia 23219 • (804) 643-555 • Copyright 2023, Virginia Capitol Connections, Inc. All rights reserved. The views expressed in the articles of Virginia Capitol Connections Magazine, a non-partisan publication, are not necessarily those of the editors or publisher. C O N T E N T S V I R G I N I A C A P I T O L C O N N E C T I O N S M A G A Z I N E On The Web 5 To live in this historic place: An Interview with First Lady Suzanne Youngkin 6 Op-Ed: We can transform the workforce 7 The “People’s” Silver 8 The Myth of the 45-Day Session 10 Marking a Milestone: The Library of Virginia Turns 200 12 Apprenticeships for High School Students is a Doable Option 16 FDA’s New OTC Hearing Aid Reality 14 “Standing Tall and Proud” Mural Graces Tazewell County Courthouse Grounds 17 Commonwealth Steps Up Efforts to Prevent Suicides and Reduce Opioid Addiction Among Veterans and Their Families 18 DGS Ushers in New Era of E-Procurement with eVA Update 19 He kept us safe 20 A Republic If You Can Keep It 21 A Conversation with Senator Chuck Robb 22 Meeting Her Majesty 24 Notable Passings in 2022 25 Barter Theatre Announces 90th Season! 26 Association and Business Directory page 5 page 8 page 6 SLATER page 19 PIKE page 7 ATWOOD page 21 PROKOP page 10 TREADWAY Cover Thanks to the Library of Virginia— 200 years, 200 stories. FIRST LADY YOUNGKIN MADDREA FINCH