Virginia Capitol Connections Winter 2023

Virginia Capitol Connections, Winter 2023 33 Within newly redistricted District 7, seeing somebody with a loud and determined personality, such as Marie March, was rare. Coming down south from Southwest Virginia, Marie March made herself known in the House of Delegates during her time in office. She could not be mistaken, often seen wearing cowboy hats and boots, and was known to have a driven personality. March came into the House of Delegates following a big upset in which she was not projected to win, but despite all odds, she won District 7 with 65% percent of the vote. Marie March Delegate 2022-2024 BY GEMMA NAJARRO Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Program to the descendants of those affected by school closings due to desegregation. After resigning from office in April of this year, Anderson returns to his law practice and continues to serve by providing fair and honest treatment to all his clients in the commonwealth. He remains in Virginia Beach with his wife and three children. As a licensed pilot, in his spare time, Anderson enjoys flying planes. Chris Bailey is an associate with David Bailey Associates. Although her time within the House was short, she took great pride in the actions she took in the House. Within her tenure in the House of Delegates, she showed initiative and ambition by sponsoring over 20 bills as of September 2023. In particular, she takes pride in proposing the Constitutional Carry HB 1393, a bill concerning concealed handguns in Virginia. Bills such as these demonstrate the hard-fought conservative personality of March and exemplify how March listened to her constituents and fought hard to bring their interests into the House. Beyond her work in the House of Delegates, Marie March is a successful businesswoman, a wife, and a mother. She takes pride in running over eight businesses and effectively organizes them, with many of her restaurants rating over four stars. The reviews on her restaurants speak highly of the quality and taste of the food, and March proved her entrepreneurial spirit by managing her political and business goals simultaneously. Citizens of Virginia can agree that March has drive, determination, and personality; after all, she is running more than five businesses, running a political campaign, and being a supportive wife and mother, and she handles it well. Marie March’s life within and beyond politics can serve as a testament to the impact a person can make through dedication. March champions her beliefs and puts the interests of her district first. Some may overlook her district in Southwest Virginia. However, in her time in the House of Delegates, March ensured their voices were heard, even when the issues constituents faced differed significantly from those in Richmond, Virginia. Her time was brief in the House, but March made sure to leave an impact on those who surrounded her. She fought for the core amendments in the United States Constitution, believed in what she fought for, and always thanked her grassroots supporters in her home district. In the remaining time she has in her term, there is no doubt she will continue to represent her constituents fiercely in Richmond. Gemma Najarro is a student intern with David Bailey Associates. Our best scholarship for students from the communities we were founded to serve 100 years ago. Students who qualify will pay a significantly reduced tuition rate. Bluefield University established this half-price scholarship to ensure local families have access to the many wonderful features of our Christ-centered learning community. This scholarship is available to students from public, private, and home school settings. Residents of all counties in Virginia and McDowell, Mercer, Monroe, Raleigh, Summers, and Wyoming counties in West Virginia qualify. *Information provided is not a legal and binding offer but an illustration on possible scenarios for the student and does not replace a statement of the student account. Awards may vary depending on a student’s financial position and federal and state grants received. Scholarship recipients are encouraged to obtain outside scholarships, grants, and loans to assist with the costs associated with pursuing their education. COMMONWEALTH CONNECTION SCHOLARSHIP HELPING STUDENTS Go Further Commonwealth Connection $13,938 Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant $5,000 Your Reduced Tuition* $8,938 Tuition $27,876