Virginia Capitol Connections Summer 2022

Virginia Capitol Connections, Summer 2022 3 Summer 2022 Volume 28 Number 2 • Editor-in-Chief –Bonnie Atwood • Managing Editor –McClain Moran • Assistant Editor–Cierra Park • Publisher –David Bailey • Art Director –John Sours School Distribution – • Advertising – • Printer –Wordsprint • Virginia Capitol Connections Quarterly Magazine (ISSN 10764577) is published by: Virginia Capitol Connections • 1108 East Main Street • Suite 1200 • Richmond, Virginia 23219 • (804) 643-555 • Copyright 2022, Virginia Capitol Connections, Inc. All rights reserved. The views expressed in the articles of Virginia Capitol Connections Quarterly Magazine, a non-partisan publication, are not necessarily those of the editors or publisher. C O N T E N T S VIRGINIA CAPITOL CONNECTIONS QUARTERLY MAGAZINE On The Web 5 Lt. Governor Winsome E. Sears 6 Speaker Todd Gilbert 8 Virginia’s strong financial management 8 Crafting a good budget 9 Dena Potter: DGS Communicator of the Year 10 Season Wrap-up from New Legislators 12 Civility in Politics 13 The Side of Politics More People Should See 15 Now or Never: The Importance of Civic Engagement in the Commonwealth 17 JLARC Report on Affordable Housing 18 High Growth Localities Face the Challenge of Affordable Housing 18 The Importance of World Languages in Virginia Secondary Schools 19 “My Greatest Mentor, Senator Edward E. Willey” 20 Teacher Shortages: We need the will to end them 21 A Private Sector CEO as Governor? 22 “Don’t let anyone tell you that Virginia’s FOIA is political” 23 Becoming “Intern Ready” 24 Making Virginia The Best State For Military Veterans 25 “What is a Woman?” We ask Virginia law. 25 Virginia Healthcare Providers Seek Reform 27 Service for Virginians who are Blind Celebrates 100 years 27 Ray Hopkins: Thank you and God bless 28 Lawmakers must act to protect nursing home residents 29 Is Virginia Leading the Flock? 29 Healthy Soils Lead to Healthy Plants 30 This is the history book you were never taught 31 Association and Business Directory page 5 page 8 KNIGHT page 6 TURPIN page 13 YANCEY page 8 HOWELL page 24 GADE SEARS page 9 POTTER Cover by Chris OBrion You can view more cover art by Chris on page 30